24 5 / 2011

Silver Sparrow, released today, tells the story of two daughters of a secret bigamist in Atlanta.  I have been excited for a long time about this book, not just because of the scandalous subject matter (the daughters do not share the same mother, and only one knows about the other), but also because the author, Tayari Jones, wowed me seven years ago with her first release, Leaving Atlanta, a fictional account of the Atlanta child murders of the early 80s. Add to that, she’s very approachable online, blogging great tips on writing, while sharing her own ups and downs, ins and outs in publishing. She is also very interactive with readers through Twitter.

I cannot wait to add this story to my collection. She is currently on an expansive book tour and I’m excited to see that she’ll be in my neck of the woods in San Francisco in a few weeks.

Check here for dates and locations.