24 1 / 2012

"Perhaps the single most important reason the Black [Power] Movement did not work was that black men did not realize they could not wage struggle without the full involvement of women. And in that sense they made a mistake that the blacks of the post-slavery period would have been least likely to have made. Women, traditionally, want more than anything to keep things together. Women are hard workers and they require little compensation. Women are sometimes willing to die much more quickly than men. Women vote. Women march. Women perform tedious tasks. And women cannot be paid off for the death and suffering of their children. Look at how important women have been to the liberation struggles in Africa. By negating the importance of their role, the efficiency of the Black [Power] Movement was obliterated. It was just a lot of black men strutting around with afros."

Michele Wallace, Black Macho and the Myth of the Superwoman, pg 81