09 9 / 2012

"Sometimes it’s easy to forget that real people produce the documents we see. For instance, when we see billboards on the freeway, an instruction manual for a computer, or an application form for employment, we often forget that a writer or a team of writers actually sat down to produce those documents."

Dobrin, Keller & Weisser. Technical Communication in the Twenty-First Century. 2008. pg33

One of my professors in my Technical & Professional Communications program explained to us last week that she used to work for Quaker Oats for a few years, writing nutritional and other hodge podge information found on cereal boxes, and writing the small, short manuals that come with the toys that come in cereal for children. Everyone was shocked. Who knew people really took time, and got paid real money, to do that? And to think, that’s what I’m in school for…ha!

Luckily, it’s an industry that will never go away. We will always need writers, even for the things that people barely give their attention.

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