21 12 / 2011

For our Holiday Social, I created a ballot of Booktini’s 2011 Literary Selections and asked every member to vote on their favorite bookclub read during our Winter/Spring season, and our Summer/Fall season.

The Darkest Child by Delores Phillips was the favorite for Winter/Spring. We read it in May, and even though it was sad and gruesome, it was also extremely well written and spellbinding. I can’t wait until Phillips comes out with another book.

The fav of the Summer/Fall season was Demetria L. Lucas’ A Belle In Brooklyn. Her dating stories were quite entertaining and provided for an awesome discussion during our fall retreat in October.

The Darkest Child was then voted as our favorite Literary Selection of 2011.

The voting took place just within the Oakland/Bay Area* chapter. The plan is to next year have an official vote including all members. I think it would be great to spread the word about our favorite books and some how show appreciation to the writers who birthed them.

*Our local chapter is opening membership for 2012. If you’re interested, email booktini@gmail.com for more info.